''O? really?'' is a youth reality show on YouTube.

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  • Goal

    To debunk common myths about Ukraine for residents of the Donbas and myths about the Donbas for residents of other regions of the country. To demonstrate to the youth audience the changes that are occurring in the country and the prospects that are opening up to young people.

  • Audience

    Residents of the Donbas aged 17 to 25, residents of the southern regions aged 17 to 25.

  • Implementation

    In order to adapt the social theme For YouTube with its, for the most part, entertaining content, the format of a personal blog was chosen. The presenter delivered information in a subjective but positive manner. Each episode was devoted to the debunking of a common myth, for example: "people in the Donbas do not speak Ukrainian" or "it is impossible to create a startup in Ukraine."

  • Results

    • 16 episodes of the project were viewed in total more than 750,000 times;
    • "IRTA" TV channel aired the show.

In the Donbas, many people believe that Galicia (a historical region in the west of Ukraine) is the complete opposite of Donbass. Other religion, other values, different mentality. In this issue, the hoster of the show tries to prove this is all a myth! And he does it. Total views: 110 000