#Media Vaccine  

Project on increasing resistance to fake news among the local population of Eastern Ukraine
Nowadays more and more innocent people are becoming victims of information provocations. Unfortunately, they are victims in the truest sense of this word. The fault lies not only in the evil intentions of the propagandists but also in the pathological inability to understand the facts and opinions which, like an avalanche, invade the heads of unprepared people.

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  • Goal

    A media vaccine was created to fight fakes and media ignorance in general.

  • Audience

    Residents of the south-eastern regions of Ukraine aged 25 to 45.

  • Implementation

    The project was a set of animated videos of an educational nature posted on social networks Facebook, VKontakte, YouTube. Each video was an example of media manipulation which was, in one way or another, used by the Ukrainian or Russian media in 2014–2016. Techniques used for the misrepresentation of the truth were shown. Also, the audience was provided with a pattern of behavior on how to avoid being manipulated. In addition to the videos, educational articles on the development of critical thinking were posted on the pages of the project in social networks.

  • Results

    • 3,000 active followers on Facebook and YouTube;
    • The videos were shown on the"IRTA" (Luhansk region) and "Mariupol TV" (Donetsk region) TV channels;
    • The "Luhansk Radar" website (Luhansk region) launched a special section for the project;
    • Given all distribution platforms, project materials were viewed by about 200,000 recipients.

This video encourages the viewer to think critically while watching the news. We all see the picture of the political rally from TV. The viewer is shown how to understand in details that the demonstration is not spontaneous, but organized and paid by someone.