Have you heard anything about social entrepreneurship? If you have, that’s good. But judging by the polls, you are in an absolute minority. Ukrainians are generally not very familiar with this concept and are not be able to distinguish between regular and social business.

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  • Goal

    The #nGObiz project, initiated by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was intended to inform residents of the East of Ukraine and veterans of the war in the East about the benefits of social entrepreneurship.

  • Audience

    Residents of the south-eastern regions of Ukraine aged 25 to 45.

  • Implementation

    Production and distribution of 15 videos about successful cases of social entrepreneurs in Ukraine and abroad. The videos showed the benefits of social business and gave advice on how to open your own social enterprise or where to go for advice on this matter. The following platforms were selected for distribution: the social network Facebook and regional online media in Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk, and Kharkiv.

  • Results

    The information campaign covered more than 100,000 residents of the relevant territory.

Video tells about the Polish experience in organizing a social enterprise. The hotel where people with mental disabilities work. They work here as waiters, cooks and cleaners. The mentors help the guys in everything. This type of therapy has proven its effectiveness. And business has proven its profitability.