The most successful project of our non-governmental

#ShoTam is a cross-platform media that existed
only in social networks at the beginning.

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  • Goal

    To demonstrate to Ukrainians the positive changes that are occurring in the country, both at the state level and in particular communities and families. To overcome the dominance of negative content in the traditional media. To provide the citizens with objective information about the reforms.

  • Audience

    Residents of the south-eastern regions of Ukraine aged 25 to 45.

  • Implementation

    The social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram were chosen for implementation. The following content format was chosen: caption-videos + inform-pictures. We provided a lot of explanatory information in the comments section.

  • Results

    • During the first year of the project, the #ShoTam videos were viewed more than 8 million times;
    • In general, our posts have been viewed more than 20 million times;
    • Published materials were reposted more than 5 million times.

    Thanks to our videos:
    • Two villages in Cherkasy and Mykolaiv regions found investors;
    • An initiative group to search for an investor has been created in Katerynopil (Cherkasy region);
    • Volunteer initiative to organize recreation activities for the veterans of the war in the East found partners from the Ukrainian diaspora in Germany and Spain. 

This video is about an architect from Volyn region. He plants flowers on the sidelines of the highways, when he has a free time. Vasil has been doing this for many years. During this time, he planted flowers for tens of kilometers along the roads. He is assisted by residents of nearby villages and truckers. The man has so many flower seeds that he wants to send several bags to each region.

Total views: 2 000 000